Proposed Permanent Peace Putt Paddock

Western End, Western Park, Levin, North Island, New Zealand

Updated on Saturday 1 August 2009

To See Manners Mall Proposed Garden of Nuclear Weapons Free Peace 


Proposed Permanent Peace Putt




Eighteen Hole,  Putt In Peace, Mini Golf

Back Field, Western Park

147 Tiro Tiro Road, Levin, South West North Island

New Zealand

Australasia/Polynesia, Oceania, Southern Hemisphere.

1 What

Unapproved eighteen hole miniture golf course proposal on a one hundred metre diameter Campaign For Nuclear Disarmament CND Peace Sign, to be mown on a public field and fertilised in contrast to yellower hay mown turf.  

2 Why

To ensure Western Park's back field, Levin, New Zealand, remains open for general public use most of the time as a promptly registered  Reserves Act 1977 public recreational reserve. 

3 Where

On the full width up to trees of the back section of Western Park's main field, allowing continuous public use of the space left, closer to the Petanque Courts. 

4 When

The peace sign will be mown for game one when the Horowhenua District Council approves the venture. The plan was initially rejected on 13 May 2009, by Parks Superintendant, Mr Peter Shore, owing to undisclosed prior plans. 


Payment of a small playing charge covering mowing costs, administrative time and refundable deposit for the compulsory foam golf ball and light wooden putter, plus signing an agreement to follow the course rules. 



Wellington City Council e-Petition for them to officially use the CND International Peace Symbol



Below  Maine USA, July 2007, Human Peace Sign 




 Human Peace Sign, Portland, ME, 7-14-07

Below The back field of Western Park, Levin, New Zealand. Photos of hay making in December 2008.

Below Sign on the front smaller field of Western Park. The Petanque  Club use the light green pavilion that's seen above the brown post and in the large back field photos. Tne drive-in to a car park and back field is to the right.

Below  Proposed closely mown and fertilised CND Peace Sign course. Green lines show unmown trampled down internal routes.

The above layout would be one hundred  metres in diameter on the back field of Western Park, Levin, New Zealand, where 900mm high hay was grown in 2008 as the above photos show with the December 2008 baling.

Numbers one to eighteen indicate the holes and green arrows mark routes between. This replaces an earlier sixteen hole plan. Eighteen holes is traditional for miniture golf.

It could be now time to put this park space to better use with the proposed mini golf putting layout within a CND logo or peace sign. The plan is to mow the peace sign shape very short at about 10mm as on a golf links hole area. The inside areas would be left at about 100mm to 200mm. A single width hand-pushed rotary mower width track would be mown around the outside of the back field to both allow a peace walk and access to the peace putt course as the grass gets over 250mm before the next hay mowing. The peace sign area would be fertilised for a greener contrast that would be distinct in an aerial photo and at some stage, in a Google Earth update of Levin. 

The Horowhenua District Council's present policy since June 2008 for the whole back field of Western Park is retirement from mowing. It's since been hay mown and baled twice. Before these hay mowings public use was very restricted and ball games were unable to be played.

It would thus seem an acceptable proposal to mow the peace sign mini putt course for public enjoyment and respect for the 2020 Mayors for Peace target date for the global abolition of nuclear weapons. The Mayor of the Horowhenua District, His Worship, Brendon Duffy, is a member of Mayors for Peace. The Permanent Peace Putt Paddock proposal therefore has a good grounding already. It seems a logical use for this amazingly beautiful park, in Council's current policy climate of not mowing it for economic reasons.

The no golf icon on the Tiro Tiro Road entry sign board would seemingly not apply to the Peace Putt mini golf proposal. It shows a golf driver club in full swing with an expected high speed ball, whereas, a mini putt putter iron would seem exempt owing to the tame and gentle nature of the putting proposed. Moreover, the balls will be soft foam, yet bouncy and pose no risk to people or property. See details in link 2.

Below Equipment including the curiosity of Spot


Eleven reasons to play eighteen hole Miniture Peace Putt Golf at Western Park's back field

1.To please a family member.

2. Curiosity.

3. No hidden obligations, fun.

4. To further reinforce one's existing respect and enthusiasm for multilateral nuclear disarmament with additional knowledge gained of the Mayors for Peace 2020 target and 2015 enabling treaty.

5. To fully enjoy the beauty of Western Park via an enjoyable, disciplined social activity. 

6. Removal of mental stress and to become more relaxed and happy, typical from mini golf, enhanced by the safe soft foam ball.

7. To gain a feeling of shared accomplishment and the right to purchase a congratulatory numbered completion certificate.

8. To participate in a potentially world famous mini golf version at its birthplace.

9. A good excuse to get out of doors and moving with a start/finish occupational therapy aspect for the health compromised and challenged.

10. To show the Horowhenua District Council that their no mow decision for Western Park in June 2008 was sad, but hay removal that yellowed grass to contrast with fertilised greener closely mown peace sign turf, was a win for openly public, decision making.

11. To emphasise to the Horowhenua District Council, with a strong urgency call, that Western Park's 3.6963 ha. is required to be a registered, Reserves Act 1977, public recreational  reserve, from their endorsed, year 2000, Management Plan recommendation on page 7. 

 6.0, Classification/Designation. "......The primary purpose of Western park is recreational, therefore, it should be classified as a recreational reserve pursuant to the Reserves Act 1977."

Below The Draft Management Plan that was adopted by Council on 19 July 2000.


Links  ______________________________________________________________________________________________________

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3. Mayors For Peace campaign to eliminate nuclear weapons by 2020.   Wall of International law


4. The peace sign in another park


5. CND:- The Peace Sign is their organisation's official logo, which they kindly allow others to use.


6. United Nations General Assembly's 1(1) First Resolution of Session One Article 5 (c) for atomic and other mass destruction weapons' elimination, 24 January 1946.


7. Treaty to Halt Spread and to Ban Nukes. The UN's Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) 


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11. New  Zealand Peace Foundation

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 Below December 2008 south east corner of Western Park's back field, officially retired from normal in


June 2008

 Below North West corner

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