Proposed Permanent Peace Putt Paddock

Western End, Western Park, Levin, North Island, New Zealand

Updated on Saturday 1 August 2009

Full Nuclear Free Symbol Respect Is Totally Justified By All 

Full respect for the CND Peace Symbol is due at all levels of New Zealand Society because nuclear disarmament is law under the

New Zealand Nuclear Free Zone, Disarmament, and Arms Control Act 1987.

Nuclear weapons are bad from every angle, from the manufacturer's tainted profits to the lack of political will to ban them and public apathy that accepts them as a permanent part of modern life.

We want peace to be permanent and peace is not about thousands of nuclear weapons able to be targeted and ready to launch at densly populated cities within minutes. They are each, on average, eight times more powerful than those exploded over Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The major cities of the world are almost like trusting farm animals in paddocks who think all is well but are doomed for the slaughter house. However, we have intellects to see that the global nuclear weapons situation is bad. It's rotten to the core. It's illegal, under Geneva Conventions international law, to target civilian populations. Intentionally killing population masses and the preparation of that is an obscenity. It's the worst inhumanity of human kind.

Not wanting to support the removal of nuclear weapons, via a well organised, United Nations monitored. abolition regime, is obscene. Rejection of the ban the bomb peace symbol, or to remain neutral on it, is too. Neutrality in international affairs is about not taking sides in a conflict. It certainly doesn't mean that central or local governments can remain neutral on barbarity, such as the use of and preparation to use, nuclear weapons. Local Councils support the Police. The Horowhenua District Council even has a news media co-operation agreement with them. To say they were neutral towards them would suggest the obvious. Likewise, they also must support the peace symbol or be party to the bomb's criminality. That illegality was shown by the International Court of Justice via our initial appeal.

Click please see end of page 98 on disarmament necessity.

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Nuclear disarmament is not like disarming the Police of guns, since nuclear weapons are never to be used. They're kept to demonstrate that others mustn't use theirs either. The term MAD, for Mutually Assured Destruction is the current global nuclear weapons reality. Hidden Trident System submarines can assure that to deter a first strike.

Who in their right mind would say that's a good world situation? Reducing stockpiles of nuclear weapons to zero, via astute, UN based monitoring systems, is the world's most urgent task. We all share this mission. The ban the bomb symbol, first used by the UK's CND, or Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, is sanity in the MAD threatened world. Mutually Assured Destruction, or the end of civilization, is unthinkable. Not wanting to give full support to the peace symbol is utter lunacy. Neutrality towards it, is not an option, as it suggests that multilateral nuclear disarmament is debatably good or bad.

New Zealand went from having individually nuclear free towns and cities, to being nationally so. We are Nuclear Free New Zealand by law. Postage stamp dignity and respect reaffirms this to the world. The current A to Z stamp issue has the peace sign after N for Nuclear Free. Nevertheless, the world is not. Ballistic missile delivery systems for nuclear weapons puts us in target range, regardless of our nuclear disarmament law.

United Nations Sectretary General Ban Ki-moon is sayinging of nuclear weapons, "we must disarm" for the International Day Of Peace.



Let the world know how you feel, was New Zealand Post's 1995 advertising poster slogan for the peace on her lips stamp. The proposed 100metre diameter peace sign, at the western end of Western Park Levin, is to let the world know how we feel in Levin and New Zealand. Peace Putting people on it would confirm nuclear disarmament support. Satelite photos would boldly show it for Google Earth's eventual update. We await the Horowhenua District Council's good sense to prevail, to promptly permit the close mowing of the 100metre peace symbol into the park's, retired from mowing, turf. May peace prevail on earth.


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