Proposed Permanent Peace Putt Paddock

Western End, Western Park, Levin, North Island, New Zealand

Updated on Saturday 1 August 2009



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Dear Madam
Western Park, 147 Tiro Tiro Road Levin, risks being mostly closed to the general public. The Horowhenua District Council are negotiating with clubs to sacrifice the back 200 x 130 metre back field as a croquet and lawn bowling centre, detailed on They'd relocate there. They must not. It's a youth park. It's time for West Side Youth to come to the rescue, as law abiding activists for justice and peace. This 26,000 sq.m open area should be declared Amity Field For Youth Development and global friendship. When it wasn't needed as Government school land, the Levin Borough Council puchased it for 1960's sports. Gazzetted recreation reserve status was due then. July 2000's active management plan demands it. Titles go to the Crown in trust for public control of development. They'e wrongly still with the HDC. It's a public park not theirs. It mustn't be further fenced and leased for exclusive use. Youth belong at Western Park's larger grassed beauty in amity. It's worth a visit.
Yours sincerely
Richard Tingey
Murray Richard Tingey
56 Kings Drive
Levin 5510
Ph (06)3688587
May Peace Prevail On Earth