Proposed Permanent Peace Putt Paddock

Western End, Western Park, Levin, North Island, New Zealand

Updated on Saturday 1 August 2009

 The Rules of the Game of Permanent Peace Putt, Dated 23 May 2009

 1(a) Players to abide by the rules. (b) One numbered  ball and stick loaned to each player after signing an agreement to return them and in good condition 
 2The fee is five dollars for eighteen holes or less played, with four dollars refunded after signing out when the ball and stick are returned in good condition  
 3 Other players and spectators to remain at least two metres away from players who are about to putt
 4  Score card completion for a certificate to be filled in by another player unless playing without a partner
 5The Certificate of Completion is $5 on the presentation of a completed and signed score card for the eighteen holes
 6Only the numbered, green, white and red banded putter and numbered soft yellow practice ball are to be used on the Permanent Peace Putt course
 7At the end of each eighteen hole game, the numbered ball and putter is to be returned in good condition for a refund of four dollars after signing out
 8For the next game of 18 holes or less, a new course fee, putter and ball, plus another agreement with their numbers is to be signed
 9The soft yellow practice ball is only putted with the stick issued and not driven with a swing, for safety and to ensure that no turf clump divets are sliced out
 10(a) Behavior on course, after and beyond is to be sporting and friendly.(b) If others are waiting for the next hole, playing there is to be enjoyably prompt